Sunday, April 25, 2010

What should the school do with terrible teachers?

In my school there is a teacher I really do despise, and he really despises me, now I'm okay with that but the problem is it interferes with my work and I can't put finger on why he hates me. Earlier in the school year when we were just getting started and I got sent out of the classroom for having my back turned to tie my shoe, I thought okay maybe he thought I was distracting the person next to me. I'll call this teacher X. So when X came out to talk to me I tried to explain that I was tying my shoe, not distracting person Y (the person next to me) but he wouldn't listen to me. Then about 2 days after "The Shoe Incident" he asked us if we understand a concept and we all said yes but though I don't know why he sent me because I "talked out". So I told him I was agreeing with him but it didn't work and I was sent out. There were more incidents like these ones but I don't have the time to tell all those stories. So I complained to my parents and we had a conference with the counselor, the vice principal, and my parents. I requested not to be there but I was brought in anyway. So we both agreed that he would stop picking me on and I would not even speak in his class besides asking questions. A day after that when I was walking back to my seat because I had a question someone made a chipmunk noise which he blamed me for. Here's how the conversation went.
"Hey SR (thats my name on this blog) would you not do that again?"
"Do what?
"That wierd laughing noise."
"What wierd laughing noise?"
"That chipmunk laugh, you know what I'm talking about."
"That wasn't me."
"Yeah well I think it was."
"But it wasn't."
"Take your seat."
And I did take my seat.
After that I was sent out roughly 8 times for things that I did not do. I know he has it out for me because he also picks on other students too.
So what should schools do with teachers like this?

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