Monday, April 19, 2010

The School Reporter's introduction

Hello, I am the The Inside School Reporter. I am 12 years old and I am a boy in 6th grade. I'm not here to report on changes such as budget cuts or new computors. I'm here to report on what is really going on inside our schools. Many parents may not know but school hallways and blacktops and grass
areas and even classrooms often have kids picking on each other, or swearing, or even fighting. There are many types of kids at schools and not all of them will share their toys with you. Schools are becoming more and more homophobic, anti-semetic, and racist. The hallways are filled with words such as the F word, S word, and even the C and N words. Schools are no longer as safe as they could and should and I'm here to provide my school day story, a walkthrough of different classes, and to report what is being said at our schools in these days. I do know that not all of them are like this but in my school it is like this.
This is a blog for parents of students or students.

The Inside School Reporter: ISR

I will begin reporting soon.

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