Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My opinion on teachers in general

I like some teachers and others I don't. I like my science teacher because he knows that everyone has different types of learning, I prefer reading the text books, they're interesting, but we also watch videos and slideshows to balance it out. I loved my computor teacher she was a great teacher because she didn't criticise me when I wanted to a power point on self injury, a controversial topic in schools. However I don't like all my other teachers. I just don't because they think that they know what we think. They think that because they have a college degree or have a computor or a desk that they're genius's and can treat us like we're trouble-makers. Same thing with homework, they think because they have a suit and tie, they know that homework helps. I don't like many teachers, not many students do.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What should the school do with terrible teachers?

In my school there is a teacher I really do despise, and he really despises me, now I'm okay with that but the problem is it interferes with my work and I can't put finger on why he hates me. Earlier in the school year when we were just getting started and I got sent out of the classroom for having my back turned to tie my shoe, I thought okay maybe he thought I was distracting the person next to me. I'll call this teacher X. So when X came out to talk to me I tried to explain that I was tying my shoe, not distracting person Y (the person next to me) but he wouldn't listen to me. Then about 2 days after "The Shoe Incident" he asked us if we understand a concept and we all said yes but though I don't know why he sent me because I "talked out". So I told him I was agreeing with him but it didn't work and I was sent out. There were more incidents like these ones but I don't have the time to tell all those stories. So I complained to my parents and we had a conference with the counselor, the vice principal, and my parents. I requested not to be there but I was brought in anyway. So we both agreed that he would stop picking me on and I would not even speak in his class besides asking questions. A day after that when I was walking back to my seat because I had a question someone made a chipmunk noise which he blamed me for. Here's how the conversation went.
"Hey SR (thats my name on this blog) would you not do that again?"
"Do what?
"That wierd laughing noise."
"What wierd laughing noise?"
"That chipmunk laugh, you know what I'm talking about."
"That wasn't me."
"Yeah well I think it was."
"But it wasn't."
"Take your seat."
And I did take my seat.
After that I was sent out roughly 8 times for things that I did not do. I know he has it out for me because he also picks on other students too.
So what should schools do with teachers like this?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homophobia in schools

Our schools today are filled with homophobia, real or fake. You may be asking yourselves, "Fake homophobia?" You may think that it doesn't exist but it does, today in schools children will call each other gay or f** just to look cool in front of their friends. They stereotypes people who dress differently or talk or walk differentely, because they think it is cool. I fully accept gay rights, it's a great thing, and probably a lot of teens do but they become hypocritical and start making fun of each other as gay. Being cool isn't as important as powerful issues.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My opinion on lunch detentions

Detentions in my mind don't actually make a student more well behaved, I've gotten one lunch detention for drinking water (not joking). I had to sit at a table at the front of my schools cafeteria. The detention lasted the whole lunch time and a little beyond, because I had to stay and clean tables even after the bell had rung. After the detention, I had thought about why they hand out these types of detentions. In my opinion they do these detention because they think that humiliation and labor (that should be reserved for janitors) will help make the student a better person.

My opinion on homework

I believe that homework is forced labor on students who want a break from the schools after a long 5-7 hours. My thoughts are that it should only be issued to students who are failing a class with a parent's permission or extra credit. It may help review things for some students but it does not help me. If a student believes it helps him or her, then they should be able to make the mature choice to do it. That's just my opinion on homework, feel free to share yours.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The School Reporter's introduction

Hello, I am the The Inside School Reporter. I am 12 years old and I am a boy in 6th grade. I'm not here to report on changes such as budget cuts or new computors. I'm here to report on what is really going on inside our schools. Many parents may not know but school hallways and blacktops and grass
areas and even classrooms often have kids picking on each other, or swearing, or even fighting. There are many types of kids at schools and not all of them will share their toys with you. Schools are becoming more and more homophobic, anti-semetic, and racist. The hallways are filled with words such as the F word, S word, and even the C and N words. Schools are no longer as safe as they could and should and I'm here to provide my school day story, a walkthrough of different classes, and to report what is being said at our schools in these days. I do know that not all of them are like this but in my school it is like this.
This is a blog for parents of students or students.

The Inside School Reporter: ISR

I will begin reporting soon.